Flourishing in 2018

I really got into photography over the past 8 months. I think my process is coming along nicely. It also helps to have a daily project at work to be responsible for that is almost solely displaying a great photo of Thunder Bay (Good Morning Thunder Bay!) each day.

I fancy myself now as a 'landscape photographer' and I started a new Instagram account called @thunderbaylandscapes  where I'm posting some of my photos.   The next step will be building a portfolio site and start making and selling prints.

I was fortunate enough to spend the night at a friend's camp out at Silver Islet and got a couple of really great photos.

Books and Movies

Thanks to some recommendations to join GoodReads, I've absorbed more books in the last year than I've managed to get through my entire adult life.  Mostly part to Audible, but there are few that I've flipped pages electronically and IRL.

What I've found most interesting is my desire to read/listen to books that were adapted into screenplays.  I am a bit of film nerd so I find myself slowly broadening my imagination with each book and movie.  I find I'm better able to invision characters, settings and most profoundly - emotion for the literature.

When I finish the book I frantically want to see the director's vision of the material.  Sometimes I agree with the adapatation, other times I feel they're way off.  I also find it interesting what the focus of the adpatation is.

For a standard move run time I understand one can't possibly fit the whole story into the production.  The nerdy film side me is pretty good at seeing the details in the shots that conv…

55-200mm Lens Purchase

It was my birthday recently and I bought myself my first new lens for my Nikon D3100.  With some advice from a co-worker I grabbed the Nikkor 55-200mm zoom lens.  This new lens along with a daily news article I manage as well as contribue photos to (Good Morning Thunder Bay) has really motivated me to get out and shoot.

The weather has been pretty frigid but I've managed to get out and get some very interesting pictures with my new glass.

Cafe Paris

So it finally happened, I got to see a group of musicians called Cafe Paris.  It couldn't have been a more picturesque setting. A breezy sunlit summer evening at Marina Park.  Sail boats racing in the harbor, the smell of food trucks in the air and a very pleasant capacity crowd lounging comfortably in their fold up chairs.

Cafe Paris, an ensemble of highly respectable local musicians not just playing 'jazz', but FRENCH Jazz! They have been around as a group for at least 2 years to my knowledge, often playing the Foundry on Jazzy Thursdays.  I am intrigued by all things French - be that film, art or music.  So when Blanchet and Pepe started doing Cafe Paris, I just had to see them.

There's something comforting, nostalgic and just very relaxing about this particular brand of music.  If you've ever seen the movie Chocolate there's some great period music that makes up the soundtrack.  Cafe Paris strikes a similar chord for me.

This was also my first Live on the …

Donnie Darko

It's been a while since I've been completely blown away by a movie.  Donnie Darko is amazing.  I count myself fortunate to have waited until now to watch it.  There has been so much fan theory and research explored in this flick and thanks to Youtube I've been able to deep dive into the stories behind the story.

The explanation that the key to this film's understanding is the Time Travel book Donnie's teacher gives him.  It is the blueprint for Donnie's self discovery that he's in fact living in a corrupted timeline that risks the existence of existence itself.  With the help of Frank he determines his destiny in this alternate timeline.

Along with the amazing Soundtrack including Tears for Fears and Joy Division, this film has had me thinking A LOT.

Battery Life Problem Solved

Once again I was inflicted with the problem of my phone getting drained way too fast.  I currently have an ASUS ZEN Phone 2.  It's been for a bit, but last week the battery life started to drain ridiculously fast.

I'll cut to the chase - REMOVE YOUR MEMORY CARD.   This is the second time this has stung me.  My old Samsung S4 suffered the same problem.  Took me forever to figure this out - factory resetting phone, stop using popular apps like Instagram and nothing.   Took my expanded memory chip out and boom!   Battery sucking problem solved.

I now understand why Apple iPhone has never had the expanded memory option on their phones.  By no way am I converting from Android to IOS, but I at least I get it.

So maybe a compromise - just keep a memory chip handy if you run out of room.  Migrate all your photos/videos to the memory card and then dump it to your computer.

Playing the Foundry on the 28th

Just a quick update with one of the bands i'm in (Tourist Bureau) - we'll be playing at the Foundry next Saturday the 28th with the very talented and awesome Jean Paul De Roover.

Show time is 10PM but let's be honest - we probably won't get going until 11ish.  Unless for some unforeseen circumstance the bar fills up earlier than that. 

Tourist Bureau:

Jean Paul De Roover