Hockey Talk

If 'your' team didn't make the playoffs, who do you cheer for? Do you cheer for a Canadian team out of patriotism? Do you cheer for a team with a player(s) you follow? Do you cheer for the teams you figure will win your hockey pool? Do cheer against teams you don't like?

Here's where's my head at:

-I don't buy the patriotism perspective - there's more Canadian players playin on US teams

-I tried cheering for my pool - but i forgot who i had winning some brackets

-I've settled for cheering against teams i don't like.

So here's where i sit in the first round:

Wings - because i'd like to see the Coyotes go back to Winnipeg, and i have the Wings in the finals
Tampa - i have them in the finals and i don't like Matt Cooke (Penguins) plus no Sidney Crosby
Habs - I'm a Leafs fan and this was the lesser of evils, and a co-worker is a bad Bruins fanatatic
Ducks - I'd seen Cory Perry play in the OHL and have kept an eye on him since. They're out and so are some good points in my pool
LA Kings - the young underdog with Capatain Canada (smythe). And i especially don't like Heatley
Hawks - i don't mind the Hawks and i don't like Torres - i have the Canucks advancing but i really don't care who wins this series
Flyers - Buffalo is too close a rival for Leafs, Flyers are without Pronger so its a draw except that i have the Flyers advancing. So Flyers.

So all in all, i'm all over the place with this year's playoff season. I state that this however is the most exciting playoffs I can recall. There has been many story lines written in the first round and i think its one of the closest contests on record. I am enjoying the fact that i can turn on the television anytime after 7PM and catch some hockey. I haven't seen an entire game yet, but the fact i can catch bits here and there makes me happy.

I'll update where i'm at in the second round when the channel surfing gets cut down and the weather warms up.


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