Poorly Informed Public

Just two items i wish to voice my opinoin on, first coalition governments and proprotional representation.

First - I'm okay with coalition governements. I think Canada is one of the only countries left in the democratic world that doesn't have a coalition of some sort running governement. 35% of the votes to me does not say 'majority'. To me - that means the voter represtenation is pretty even and a majority of only 35% does not speak for everyone. So a coalition governement i think would better respresent the country if the vote is that close. Coalition would force the parties to work together and find even ground. I think Canada would benefit from a coalition governement this time around if the PCs don't get that much further ahead.

Second - Proportional Representation. Bascially our current electoral system is unfair. Two parties based on 'movements'. One is a spereatist movement and was is a green movement. The seperatist movement - because its focus in Quebec gets 20+ seats in the house. The green movement - because its spread across the entire country and not focused does not get any seats. The greens overall had more than 7% of the votes across the country while the Bloc came well under that number. It doesn't make sense and its not fair.

There was a referendum in a past election not to long ago to change this. Sadly - it was very poorly explained. Voters saw the question and either had no idea what this was about, or they had some vague idea of this. Most saw it as a change - but because they were not informed enough about it - voted against it out of fear.

Had this been better explained, i believe there'd be at least a seat or two in the house that was green. I'm not saying the green's would rule the country, but at least they'd have input on policy and in a tight vote - could be considered swing votes and could modify a bill with some 'green' inititiaves added in. Much like the orange did when they got the blues to add a little something extra to appease the orange and get the bill passed. Co-operation and compromise. I like it.


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