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Sepultura Brings The Energy

I got to Crocks late. The one time i plan on the head liner playing a long set list into the wee hours - they go all Cinderella and packed up at Midnight. However short my experience - it was pretty awesome.
Sepultura has played to literally - a 100 000 people in their hey day. Tonight they played to a couple 100 hardcore fans here in Thunder Bay. I had made my way to the bar after bumping into old high school friends who all had ear to ear grins on their faces. Not the cute cuddly type of grin - but the more sinister type of grin with the glint in their eye. You could feel the energy that this type of event generates as soon as you walked through the door.
If you haven't been to a loud metal show let me explain. Its mostly dudes. Young and old they come out of the wood work for these types of shows. They drink some booze and shake off the rust and head into the pit. The music is loud and very rhythmic. The crowd jumps in unison and a wave of people literally washes up around the …

You gotta make time

My mind is full of possibilities. However there just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day. I am becomming a 'jack of all trades - master of none'.

There used to be a time when there was more time. Time flies when you're having fun they say, so i must be enjoying myself. But i can't help but feel preassured. Preassure that i'm not going to finish what i start because i'm trying to do too much.

Case in point. I'm trying to record an album. Its taking a awhile. I need to make time to fire up my gear and record guitar tracks. I know they need to be laid down - but its turned into work. Writing this statement down is very telling. If its turned to work than its not fun. I do enough work at work and at home. So do i want to make more work? I think so. I don't want this to be a failed effort. So i will record 1 session a week. That is my goal. If its a chord progession or even just a quick riff - i will finish this.

Summer is Upon Us

A number of things are starting now that the weather is shaping up.

Gardening and yard work is in full affect. Gazeebo has been assembled for shading the abundance of sun in my backyard. Flower and garden boxes have been constructed. Once i get some fill i'll be able to plant my vegetable plants i've been growing indoors for the last 4 weeks.

Hockey playoffs are winding down with only 4 teams remaining. I picked the Bolts in a hockey pool and to my surprise they may win. Their 1 3 1 defensive system stymied the Bruins in game 1. Looking forward to game 2 to see if Boston has an answer for it. Based on the amount of Canadian content on the Bolts - they are my surrogate team (Leafs) for the playoffs. I didn't care for them when the Leafs matched up againsts them all season, but in the playoffs i think they have the best shot. I like Stevie Y too - i think he did a great job turning this team around in short time.

I can't be bothered to watch the otherside with the Sharks an…