Summer is Upon Us

A number of things are starting now that the weather is shaping up.

Gardening and yard work is in full affect. Gazeebo has been assembled for shading the abundance of sun in my backyard. Flower and garden boxes have been constructed. Once i get some fill i'll be able to plant my vegetable plants i've been growing indoors for the last 4 weeks.

Hockey playoffs are winding down with only 4 teams remaining. I picked the Bolts in a hockey pool and to my surprise they may win. Their 1 3 1 defensive system stymied the Bruins in game 1. Looking forward to game 2 to see if Boston has an answer for it. Based on the amount of Canadian content on the Bolts - they are my surrogate team (Leafs) for the playoffs. I didn't care for them when the Leafs matched up againsts them all season, but in the playoffs i think they have the best shot. I like Stevie Y too - i think he did a great job turning this team around in short time.

I can't be bothered to watch the otherside with the Sharks and Canucks. I only enjoy them beating up on each other as i don't particulary like any of the players (Heatley, Bieksa, Sedins, Wellwood, etc etc). The only player i have any interest in is Big Joe. I hope for his sake they make it to the finals. That's one hell of a monkey on his back. So Tampa San Jose i guess.

Sailing season is upon on us. I've been guility of not helping this year with sanding and scrubbing of Straigh Jacket. Life is in the way in a big way. First sail is this weekend, and i hope against all odds i can make it out on the water. June will be here soon enough and i plan to be a regular at least for the Wednesday nite races. Just finished looking at some pics of the last season and i tell you nothing compares to the wind at your back and the view of the harbour from out on the 'sea'. If you happen to be looking out at the Sleeping Giant on a wednesday night in summer and see sailboats in the harbour - we be racing!


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