You gotta make time

My mind is full of possibilities. However there just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day. I am becomming a 'jack of all trades - master of none'.

There used to be a time when there was more time. Time flies when you're having fun they say, so i must be enjoying myself. But i can't help but feel preassured. Preassure that i'm not going to finish what i start because i'm trying to do too much.

Case in point. I'm trying to record an album. Its taking a awhile. I need to make time to fire up my gear and record guitar tracks. I know they need to be laid down - but its turned into work. Writing this statement down is very telling. If its turned to work than its not fun. I do enough work at work and at home. So do i want to make more work? I think so. I don't want this to be a failed effort. So i will record 1 session a week. That is my goal. If its a chord progession or even just a quick riff - i will finish this.


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