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The Consonance

I've given this album a number of listens, but i was hooked on the first riff the first time i heard it. The fluttered run of the sax to start the jazzy intro smashes straight into the no nonsense drum beat of the core idea of the song. That sax is permanently imprinted into my psyche. I notice myself throughout the day looping it over and over in my brain - but it always takes a moment for me to realize it. That my friends is what they call a 'hook'!
This hook along with many many others is what you'll experience when you listen to The Consance's latest offering "Come The Day". This band has carved out a unique niche combining countless styles of music into a sound all their own. The Consonance is comprised of 6 accomplished musicians who all met at Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton. Elements of jazz, funk, hip-hop, pop and R&B build the foundation of this group. Layered on top is Jesse Dolliment's vocals - a real treat for the ears. She has a …

Can't find all users folder in windows 2008 or vista

Looking to do some terminal server work and want a standard shortcut on the desktop of all users who log in?

Windows 2008 and Vista/7 moved Documents and Settings to a new spot: Users (off the root of the system drive: C:\Users)

There's now a public folder under users - this is the old 'all users' folder. To find the 'destkop' go to folder options (click 'alt' on your keyboard and your toolbar will show up). Just go to 'tools' and click 'folder options'). Once there just click on the 'view' tab and click 'show hidden files/folders'.

Your 'desktop' folder will now show up under c:\users\public\desktop

Tool bar missing from Server 2008

Can't find the 'file, edit, view, etc' in the standard explorer window or when you open my computer on windows 2008 or vista?

Click on the 'alt' button on your keyboard and the menu will magically appear! No idea why Microsoft did this.

Bay Street

I really love whats going on with the downtown core initiative with the marina development and the focus of making this area the 'entertainment' district. Like every successful city - there needs to be a focus for the main stream citizen and tourist. Any time I have visited friends in other cities, we've always gone to the 'happening' spots for drinks and entertainment.

In some cities - there's one main part of town. In larger cities you have multiple 'districts' that offer their own unique style and flare. It's what i think helps nurture an identity for the city and fosters a culture.

What I find really fascinating is when there is a little area that's a little lesser known. Its where the locals hang out and it smacks of culture. Its even better when someone you're visiting knows of this sort of area and takes you there. You get this sensce of authenticity.

I believe there's a place in Thunder Bay that speaks to this. Its the Bay Street…

Writing Experiment Update

Just a quick update. My writing experiment has evolved very quickly. I had my Sepultura post published in my city's online news publication!
So pumped that after just a few blog entries I got the courage to submit my piece and have it put out into the open. I even got a got a good response with over 200 people reading it.

I'm going to do my best to keep writing.

Here's the link: to article:

Please check it out!