The Consonance

I've given this album a number of listens, but i was hooked on the first riff the first time i heard it. The fluttered run of the sax to start the jazzy intro smashes straight into the no nonsense drum beat of the core idea of the song. That sax is permanently imprinted into my psyche. I notice myself throughout the day looping it over and over in my brain - but it always takes a moment for me to realize it. That my friends is what they call a 'hook'!

This hook along with many many others is what you'll experience when you listen to The Consance's latest offering "Come The Day". This band has carved out a unique niche combining countless styles of music into a sound all their own. The Consonance is comprised of 6 accomplished musicians who all met at Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton. Elements of jazz, funk, hip-hop, pop and R&B build the foundation of this group. Layered on top is Jesse Dolliment's vocals - a real treat for the ears. She has a true command of her voice. Her styles and range vary as much as the influences of this group.

The opening track "Tower" is a true showcase of this band's wide breadth of talent. This song takes you on a journey of styles. It starts off with a driving tick tock beat that gets your foot tapping. The chorus breaks into some smooth R&B and escalates into a nice funk. Second time around look out - The Consonance bust into an all jazz guitar metal break down followed by some great vocal chops that might make Christina Aguillera nervous. Dolliment nails the vocals in this section giving shivers down your spine. To see this group perform just this song would be worth the price of admission.

Each track written pays as much attention to lyrical content as it does arrangements. There's no fluff here. Inspirational lines like "you'll be okay as long your breathing - don't bite off too much you're only teething...", "listen to the ocean - put your mind in motion" and "from that tower that your standing on - you better come down" are all penned with poise weight and meaning.

This is a must see performance in July for Thunder Bay audiophiles. The Consonance will shake you from your musical complacency and make you remember why you love music.


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