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Use the 4 Agreements in every day business meetings

Today i had the opportunity to meet and discuss issues on which i thought i had a fairly good grasp. I was hesitant at first but went in with an open mind. I was pleasantly surprised. I took away from my discussion new ideas, concepts and most of all a re-energizing of passion pertaining to this particular subject.

The 4 Agreements apply 100% to this scenario - as it does to all others:

1. Never make assumptions: Never be closed minded. Cautious scrunity is okay - just don't be pessmisitic and most of all don't assume you know what they're talking to you about.

2. Don't take anything personally: Hear what they have to say. It may be good it maybe bad. Don't internallize it. Listen and learn from it. You will know more by hearing and watching then by objecting and defending.

3. Be impeccalbe with your word. This person wants to share information with you. This will allow him/her to open up more if they feel a connection and will therefor want to share more. If you aren&…