The Star Trek - The Unit - Castle Connection

Anyone know how these 3 shows are connected? A lot of the same characters in all 3 of these shows. All minor characters, but connected none the less.

I just watched the season premier last night of Castle and realized what i saw. I'm a Trekie. I did like the unit (but preferred e-ring but that's another post all together) and I love Castle. Not going to critique Castle today (that's another post all together). I'm just going to draw out the connections of these 3 shows:

1. Max Martini - he played a baddie for a couple of episodes last season. He was also a main actor in The Unit. The Unit also starred Denis Haysbert. This is no connection - except for the fact he was also in the second season of 24 as the President of the US. The first lady was:

2. Penny Johnson - who is now playing the new captain in Castle as "Victoria Gates". She also played a role in Star Trek DS9 as "Kassidy Yates". "Gates" "Yates". Odd. No who also starred in DS9?

3. Michael Dorn (Worf). He's in the final scene Castle as Beckett's councilor.


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