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Italian Soccer and Fixtures Explained

Serie A is once again in full swing. Here's a quick explanation of how soccer isn't just a league trophy and a playoff, but rather a chance for many teams to compete for 'something'.

I'll start off with something your no doubt aware of - NHL hockey. This should illustrate why Italian Soccer is so much more than just the "Stanley Cup of or Bust" mentality.

NHL hockey basically works like this:
30 teams play 82 regular season games. Top team is President's Cup winner. The top 8 teams in each conference qualify for playoffs and chance to win Stanley Cup. Winner of Eastern Conference plays winner of Western Conference for Stanley Cup. The End.
That makes for a long season if your team isn't in contention. If you aren't fortunate to live in 1 of the 30 cities you don't have a local connection to the team. There is no penalty for being a bad team - just the promise of 'next year' and the bonus of a high draft pick.
Italian Soc…

Search AD for email aliases

There's no gui tool to easily find an email aliases in Active Directory

Found this and it works!
Right Click
Open AD and right click 'find' on the domainCustom SearchAdvanced tab and choose LDAP QueryAdd the following line to the field: proxyaddresses=smtp:username@domainname.comyou can you use wildcards which is helpful - especially if you host multiple domains (something*@*.com) will yield results :)

Leafs 7th or Better

Leafs are 2-0. They look dangerous now. Sure they're disorganized, but hey we have a lot of new faces. The key is - we're better. Reimer bailed us out when needed, and when our key players got opportunities - we capitalized. Phaneuf on the drop pass blast, kessel with a hat trick, Grabo the point a game man. This team once it gels going - is only going to get better. The train is gaining speed with Leafs Nations in tow. GO LEAFS!