Apps for Newbies with IPads

Here's a quick list of Ipad apps i think should be installed on a brand new Ipad to help a new owner make the most of their shiny new toy.  If the Ipad is to be the replacement for many things in your house i suggest the following so that information can be retrieved almost instantly and also to show off the 'cool' factor for friends and family who haven't seen a tablet yet or just got one.  Make it more than just a Facebook on your computer in the basement replacement.  Make it a minor life altering device.  Everything you need at the touch of button:

  • Weather eye  - what's it like out? I don't know give me a second and i'll find out. (no more turning tv on and heading to weather network only to have to see commercials). Just the weather 'maam!
  • Global TV - missed your favorite show last night? Want to see what everyone was talking about? This app lets you watch full episodes of tv
  • Google earth - so useful.  Want to find that secret beach? Want to re-visit that trip to see where you were? See the house/building up front as well as pics other people have taken? This is a must.
  • Kindle books - Yes you can get Itunes books - but Kindle has more access to more books. If reading novels is your thing - get Kindle
  • Encylopedia app - yes you can go to Wikipedia via safari - but again - that's too many steps.  And Wikipedia isn't always accurate.
  • IMDB app - If you are a movie buff - this is absolutely the app for your.  Can't remember that actor but remember the movie? Want to settle a bet? This is the easiest and most comprehensive movie database out there. Watch trailers, see upcoming movies and movies that are in the works
  • Dictionary - still need to be formal or came across a word you don't know? Yes again you can use safari and Google it - but why take all the steps?
  • Life - just because you want to show people they can get magazines electronically
  • National Geography Photos - just stunning photographs updated daily.

These are just a few recommendations - would love to hear what you think would stun people when they ask 'what can this ipad thing do?"


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