Stuff That's Going on In Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

I spent a long weekend in one of Canada's finest cities with some very great friends. The big question that was asked a few times was "so why are you back in Thunder Bay?". I did my best to convey the cultural development movement that is occurring in the city i call home.

Without going over board and trying to limit my answer to two minutes or less, i breifly touched on the 2 cores and their new respective roles, i touched on the music scene that is thriving, and the overall evolution from mill town to information based technology community.

Here is a quick set of links to stories over the past year that have really shone a light on the evolution and growth of Thunder Bay.

These are just some of the great things happening in this city I call home.  I think the biggest impact on this city is the embracing of the two cores as opposed the last few decades of division.  The North end will be the entertainment district and the South the Government district.


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