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Local Shopping at Lunch

In the spirit of supporting our local economy I hit up 3 shops at lunch today.

They say word of mouth is the best business advertising and on the advice of a co-worker, I headed over to Watch Service on Court Street (across from the courthouse).  Risto has been around since 1972 repairing and selling watches.  New watch band, face buff and memorable conversation.  A real treat.

"...When you're the monopoly  you are simply the best. Or the Worst."    --Risto Koivukoski

On the advice of another co-worker and tantalizing  food review I headed over to Sweat Pea's. Very clean, vibrant and cozy.  The gentleman at the counter was knowledgeable, friendly and gave a nice break down of spirit of Sweat Pea's.   Went for the vegetarian chilli and was not disappointed.  With the nice big sign in the foyer "Liquor License Application", this could very well be my new favourite hang out.

Next door was the Great North West Coffee House.  First time there as well.  Again…

Flexible Displays - The Future is almost now

CES 2011 a year ago showed us a glimpse of the future.  Its now 12 months later and at CES 2012, there were many mobile devices that had the Samsung Flexible Amoled displays built in.  Pretty cool stuff.  But not as mind blowing as this commercial spot that's been circulating on Youtube.  This is truly amazing if it comes into being. Good by Minority Report fascination and anticipation of must have display of the future.  Hello plastic see through paper thing that interacts with EVERYTHING!

Apple HDTV Rumours - its not TV but really a giant Ipad?

Some interesting possibilities for your household with regards to the rumblings of Apple TVs.  Rumours of Apple making their own TV - essentially a giant ipad for your living room.  It won't be just a TV, but a full IOS installed  display unit.  Remote control can be ipod ipad iphone etc. etc.    to control it  if its got the same software as the AppleTV box you'll probably be able to stream from your device to the TV like you can now.   Complete Syncronicity.

Favorite Shows of 2011

Modern Family - characters developed so well over the last few seasons.  Every scene is comic gold. But pay attention - some of the laughs are fast and furious.

Once Upon A Time - From the makers of Lost.  Don't worry - you won't get Lost on this one.  All your favourite Fairy Tale stories and characters come to life in the modern day. The back stories to the characters take place in fairy tale past - and they are far beyond fractured.  This gem of a show really takes liberties with the stories you know making you want to watch each episode to see 'their' take on it.  Hooked.

Pan-Am - a guilty pleasure.  I love the era in which this takes place.  Still in the first season, the back stories of the characters are still being told and the storyline is now slowly starting to unfold.  Its my fix until Mad Men comes back.

Castle - Cheezy? Sometimes. But Nathan Fillion is awesome.  Formulaic? Think of it as CSI with more comic relief and less death and gore.  The next incarnat…