Favorite Shows of 2011

Modern Family - characters developed so well over the last few seasons.  Every scene is comic gold. But pay attention - some of the laughs are fast and furious.

Once Upon A Time - From the makers of Lost.  Don't worry - you won't get Lost on this one.  All your favourite Fairy Tale stories and characters come to life in the modern day. The back stories to the characters take place in fairy tale past - and they are far beyond fractured.  This gem of a show really takes liberties with the stories you know making you want to watch each episode to see 'their' take on it.  Hooked.

Pan-Am - a guilty pleasure.  I love the era in which this takes place.  Still in the first season, the back stories of the characters are still being told and the storyline is now slowly starting to unfold.  Its my fix until Mad Men comes back.

Castle - Cheezy? Sometimes. But Nathan Fillion is awesome.  Formulaic? Think of it as CSI with more comic relief and less death and gore.  The next incarnation of Moonlighting.

That's it.  When i'm not watching my Leafs, those are my 'must see tv'.  New Girl i enjoy as well, but i don't knock myself out to see it.  But its got better and may make it to my must see list.


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