Local Shopping at Lunch

In the spirit of supporting our local economy I hit up 3 shops at lunch today.

They say word of mouth is the best business advertising and on the advice of a co-worker, I headed over to Watch Service on Court Street (across from the courthouse).  Risto has been around since 1972 repairing and selling watches.  New watch band, face buff and memorable conversation.  A real treat.

"...When you're the monopoly  you are simply the best. Or the Worst."    --Risto Koivukoski

On the advice of another co-worker and tantalizing  food review I headed over to Sweat Pea's. Very clean, vibrant and cozy.  The gentleman at the counter was knowledgeable, friendly and gave a nice break down of spirit of Sweat Pea's.   Went for the vegetarian chilli and was not disappointed.  With the nice big sign in the foyer "Liquor License Application", this could very well be my new favourite hang out.

Next door was the Great North West Coffee House.  First time there as well.  Again, friendly and warm staff. Great coffee.  I mean - great!  I heard they have their own roaster which makes the coffee that much fresher and cleaner tasting.  It was smooth.

My little jaunt about PA today proved again to me that Local is where its at.  People making an honest and earnest living - always putting their best foot forward.  A small investment in pleasantry to ensure repeat business.  It sure beats 'the big guys' with their uninspired staff and lack lustre product.

Many of the local shops also support local industry.  Its a small ecosystem.  The bi-product? Culture. The more we support the little guys and help them thrive, the better we support our local culture.

There is no culture in a big box store.


  1. I agree! Thunder bay has an array of events, businesses, organizations and groups that thrive because local is better! I haven't been to sweet peas yet, I heard the Choco-mousse is amazing. Great northwest is so good. The first time I went there the guy at the counter told me about roasting in-house and that the "roastmaster" roasts on the weekends. I laughed because I thought he was joking about the master part and then proceeded to give me a local face disdain hah!

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  3. Mmm sweaty peas.


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