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Wheat Grass and Hear Say

Today i was feeling a bit punchy, a bit tired and a bit down.  Something was a bit 'off'.  I usually feel this way before getting sick, or achieving some form of intense cold.  By chance I was at Organic Cafe for lunch today and over heard that there was  fresh batch of juice available.  I couldn't wait to finish my meal just so i could slam an ounce of wheat grass juice.

Within moments of slurping down the viscous green  liquid i instantly felt better.  Yes i know it could be attributed to placebo.  The mind is in fact the best healer.  But it was a story my friend told me after wards that added to my overall improvement in disposition.

A co-worker of his was feeling sick for over a week. Nothing was working.  When given the advice of wheat grass juice, he was almost 100%  by the next morning after ingesting the green stuff.

Now i know there's many that dispel the claims that are made of wheat grass juice.  Just because they aren't all true or valid, doesn't…

Dear NHL, 2 On Ice Referees Isn't Working

Dear NHL,
I'm writing this letter in response to some of the questionable calls and non calls your referees made and did not make.

Please take the 2nd official off the ice and put him behind a tv so he can watch the same game the rest of us are watching.  Equip him with a headset and microphone.  Give the other ref the other headset.  No one else needs to hear what they're saying.  The 'tv ref' can than assist the on ice ref by telling him what's 'really' happening.

Examples are and not limited to:

"The puck is still clear.  The puck is in the net. A player behind you that you don't see just speared another player and the other player is now chasing him down.  There was no goalie contact.  There was goalie contact.  There was goalie contact but its not his fault - the dman cross checked him into the goalie.  That wasn't tripping.  That's a dive."  Etc Etc Etc.

This would easily clear up the animosity of fans vs refs.  If coaching staf…

Aquiring Tickets Oldschool

Sometimes you just have to tough it out.
To some,  Bryan Adams would be a top 10 must see concert of a life time. When it was announced last week that Bryan Adams was booking a stop here in Thunder Bay, the want, nay, the necessity to get tickets in hand for this show became of utmost importance. 
There would be no sitting on the couch with a phone dialling the box office repeatedly, or mashing the F5 key to oblivion on my computer. No, to risky. This would actually require some effort, some warm clothes and some lawn chairs.
Having discussed my predicament with a good friend, it turned out he too was in the same scenario in which he had to acquire tickets for this concert.  We drew up a plan of attack and first thing Satruday morning, there we were - amongst hundreds of other wannabe concert goers, standing in line. In the dark. In the cold.
I have to admit at this point in the story that this is the first time I have EVER stood in line for concert tickets.  I have seem some big sho…

Foundation Odyssey Day 5

Day 5 - sql transaction logs

In my previous WSS installation  i ran into a critical issue when the configuration database ldf file grew out of control and ate up all my harddrive space.  Frantic searching to get this beast of a file (6GB) under control yielded the following solution.  I went ahead and did it now instead of waiting for the this problem to catch me off guard.

Use SQL Studio Manager on the sql server to change the following log file setting:

Right Click Sharepoint_Config and select propertiesClick on 'options'Change Recovery Model from 'Full' to 'simple'Select OKThis works well because it will keep that log file in check and not allow it to grow out of control.  This  config database doesn't change a lot after you get the sharepoint farm up and running so simple should suffice if it all goes south one day and you need to recover.
If you did get caught and the log file chewed up all your drive space, do the following:
Right Click Sharepoint_Config…

What to do in the depths of winter in Thunder Bay?

Why take in the sunny +4 temperatures and eat veggie burgers outside!

I hit up Organic Cafe for their Friday Veggie Burger.  I've heard of it over the years but never timed a lunch outing to coincide with the last day of the week .

Today was the day.  And what better way to eat a hamburger than to eat it outside, in the sun, at a picnic table!  DELICIOUS!

Tangy vinaigrette, home made mayo, spicy mustard and a hint of  relish.  I didn't even suspect it wasn't a meat patty.  I think i can say this is the best 'burger' i've ever eaten - and no 'heavy' feeling afterwards.  Highly recommend trying one if you haven't already.

Blogger + Google+= ?

Just Testing out the new 'blogger' platform with integration into Google+.