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Sometimes you just have to tough it out.

To some,  Bryan Adams would be a top 10 must see concert of a life time. When it was announced last week that Bryan Adams was booking a stop here in Thunder Bay, the want, nay, the necessity to get tickets in hand for this show became of utmost importance. 

There would be no sitting on the couch with a phone dialling the box office repeatedly, or mashing the F5 key to oblivion on my computer. No, to risky. This would actually require some effort, some warm clothes and some lawn chairs.

Having discussed my predicament with a good friend, it turned out he too was in the same scenario in which he had to acquire tickets for this concert.  We drew up a plan of attack and first thing Satruday morning, there we were - amongst hundreds of other wannabe concert goers, standing in line. In the dark. In the cold.

I have to admit at this point in the story that this is the first time I have EVER stood in line for concert tickets.  I have seem some big shows, but have never experienced actually waiting in line for hours at a box office. 

The experience was fun. Amongst a long line of strangers coming together for a common goal, the energy and spirits were high. Those around me were pleasant and courteous.  Add to that a contest winner/streaker that as close to legally possible quickly jogged in the sub 0 temperatures wearing nothing but work boots, 'tighty whities' and a grin.

Bryan Adams sure has some dedicated fans here in Thunder Bay, and I'm sure that his May 9 performance will be  crowned the biggest show of the year.


  1. Streaker dude was happy because he was probably among the first to get a ticket hence the nakedness!


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