Foundation Odyssey Day 5

Day 5 - sql transaction logs

In my previous WSS installation  i ran into a critical issue when the configuration database ldf file grew out of control and ate up all my harddrive space.  Frantic searching to get this beast of a file (6GB) under control yielded the following solution.  I went ahead and did it now instead of waiting for the this problem to catch me off guard.

Use SQL Studio Manager on the sql server to change the following log file setting:

  • Right Click Sharepoint_Config and select properties
  • Click on 'options'
  • Change Recovery Model from 'Full' to 'simple'
  • Select OK
This works well because it will keep that log file in check and not allow it to grow out of control.  This  config database doesn't change a lot after you get the sharepoint farm up and running so simple should suffice if it all goes south one day and you need to recover.

If you did get caught and the log file chewed up all your drive space, do the following:

  • Right Click Sharepoint_Config and select tasks-> Shrink-> Files
  • Change File Type from Data to Log
  • Select OK
  • Depending on the size, it may take a moment to finish


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