What to do in the depths of winter in Thunder Bay?

Why take in the sunny +4 temperatures and eat veggie burgers outside!

I hit up Organic Cafe for their Friday Veggie Burger.  I've heard of it over the years but never timed a lunch outing to coincide with the last day of the week .

Today was the day.  And what better way to eat a hamburger than to eat it outside, in the sun, at a picnic table!  DELICIOUS!

Tangy vinaigrette, home made mayo, spicy mustard and a hint of  relish.  I didn't even suspect it wasn't a meat patty.  I think i can say this is the best 'burger' i've ever eaten - and no 'heavy' feeling afterwards.  Highly recommend trying one if you haven't already.


  1. I have heard of the infamous veggie burg, never tried it yet, and I'm a vegetarian! Apparently Bonobos has a good veggie burger to

  2. Oliver Road between LU and Downtown. Hard to find, but solid veggie burgers.


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