This video makes me want some tea really bad

This video makes me want some tea really bad!  

A friend of mine threw this series my way.  Its just awesome.  Hilarity aside, its got me craving tea again.  I'll be honest, i've been drinking WAY to much coffee.  However I can get it.  I've mentioned in past posts about my affinity for Calico and Great Northwest Coffee.  I even have my own mini tea press that I use for fresh ground beans from Calico and Great Northwest Coffee.  My department even has an espresso maker at the ready to go equipped with a milk steamer.

This video, has inspired me to get back on the tea bandwagon.  My go to tea is green and chai.  Green when i'm feeling a bit unhealthy, and the Chai tea when I feel a bit fancy and tired of coffee.

Starting tomorrow, i'll be starting a tea regiment.  

Interesting Tea Fact:  It is the second most consumed liquid in the world - water being the first.

I've heard House of Tea is a great place to go.  I will make sure to take a visit there and post a quick blurb on my findings.

Any suggestions for tea types?  Preparing?


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