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The Community Auditorium was alive Wednesday night when Pavlo performed cuts from his new album Six String Blvd.  Pavlo the consumate performer played as much on stage as he did amongst the crowd making sure his fans got their money's worth.

Whether he was sitting in a seat next to a fan playing - or dancing with others, Pavlo played his heart out and really showed how much he appreciates his followers. Between songs he'd tell tales and really connect with the audience.

Pavlo has certain flair about him.  His command of his guitar is paramount.  With an almost machine gun like attack, his fingers fly up and down the neck of his guitar at break neck speed.  Accompanied on almost every single note, is his Bazukee  player.  The combination of the nylon stringed classical guitar and the chimey steel strung Greek guitar give 'Pavlo' his distinct Mediterranean sound.

With most songs  arranged in a traditional theme, the crowd could not help itself and clapped along in unison the entire night.

Guest performer Luke McMaster shared the stage with Pavlo to showcase his newest single in which Pavlo collaborated.  Quick history note: McMaster wrote a song which was picked up by producer Jay-z who developed the song into Rihanna's chart topper "Girl Like Me".   Luke is now establishing himself as a solo artist. McMaster would again  come out later to sing on Pavlo's rendition of a classic Gordon Lightfoot tune If You Could Read My Mind.

I brought a friend and fellow musician to the show.  He had never heard of Pavlo, nor had he been exposed to much classical/flamenco style music.  He was completely  overtaken by the music.  When the last song was starting out, he could not contain himself any longer.  "I have to Dance!" he remarked, as he threw his jacket down and headed out of the aisle and down to the front of the stage.  The following ensued, which put the final exclamation point on the night's festivities.


  1. Nice read!...and nice moves. :p


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