Zen Garden

If you are of the mind that you can intend every day to be a surprise, than its no surprise that you get to experience new and exciting things - all the time.

 Today I got adventurous and took a walk with a co-worker to the Bay and Algoma area for lunch.

We hit Bean Fiend - a place i haven't been to in a while.  I ordered an iced latte.  As I waited i noticed a sign at the back door "New Zen Garden Outside".  Intrigued i opened the door and was very surprised to see a full on landscaped and secluded eating area.

It was a very zen like experience just sitting in the sun looking at all the details and obvious effort that went into building this little paradise just meters from the busy traffic.

Of real interest to me was the explanation for what i thought was a shelf against the fence.  The waiter informed me that its actually a stage on its side and their intention is to have live music.  Fantastic!


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