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Fast Food Still Not Really Fast at Breaking Down

Still no real change in this muffin that was acquired almost a month ago!

Next week I will cut this thing open and see what - if anything is happening on the inside.

Flood of 2012

Buckets of rain caused some of the worst flooding in Thunder Bay i've ever seen.

Fast food doesn't break down fast at all 3

Another week and not much changing.  Next week i will cut this muffin in half and see whats going on inside

Bryan Adams

From a purist perspective of what a rock concert is, last night's performance from Bryan Adams should be the standard by which all rock concerts should adhere to.  
I was blown away from beginning to end. There was no big light show, dancing troops, and lip syncing that seems to be the norm for today's concert expectations.  Just a straight up smash it out of the ball park concert that blew everyone away.
2+ plus hours of chart topping hits. Every note sung with as much enthusiasm and passion as he did 20+ years ago.   There was no sense of nostalgia.  Last night's concert performance was Bryan Adams - still in his prime. 
This concert will go down as one of Thunder Bay's best ever.  Those fortunate enough to attend caught a legend in the making and we will all be talking about last night for years to come.  I wouldn't be surprised if Bryan Adams returns in the near future - his most adoring and appreciated fans are right here in Thunder Bay. 

Fast Food Doesn't Break Down Fast At All con't 2

Well its been just over a week with the muffin.  Apart from the outside getting pretty hard, it hasn't changed in appearance one bit.

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Fast Food Doesn't Break Down Fast At All

There's been a rash of posts of certain fast foods that don't decay, floating around my social media outlets.   One in particular post has a display of fast food that claims to be over 2 years old.  In the display is a burger, fries etc.  From the picture it appears that the decay process has yet to start.  The claim is that there is so much unnatural stuff in the food that it can hardly be called 'food'.

I'm not the most sceptical person, but i am no fast food proponent either.  So to appease my curiosity, i've decide to do my own little 'look this muffin is x days old experiment.

Here is  a muffin purchased from a certain fast food restaurant 3 days ago.    I will update my blog with new photos of this muffin and see for myself how long it lasts before succumbing to mould.