Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams - Thunder Bay, ON, May 9 2012

From a purist perspective of what a rock concert is, last night's performance from Bryan Adams should be the standard by which all rock concerts should adhere to.  

I was blown away from beginning to end. There was no big light show, dancing troops, and lip syncing that seems to be the norm for today's concert expectations.  Just a straight up smash it out of the ball park concert that blew everyone away.

2+ plus hours of chart topping hits. Every note sung with as much enthusiasm and passion as he did 20+ years ago.   There was no sense of nostalgia.  Last night's concert performance was Bryan Adams - still in his prime. 

This concert will go down as one of Thunder Bay's best ever.  Those fortunate enough to attend caught a legend in the making and we will all be talking about last night for years to come.  I wouldn't be surprised if Bryan Adams returns in the near future - his most adoring and appreciated fans are right here in Thunder Bay. 


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