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Best Tomaotes - Upside Down Pot

Have you ever tried to growing your own tomatoes? If so, you'll know that it's difficult because of the short growing season here in Thunder Bay. So what do you do? Many people have found success by using the upside down tomatoe pot. But there are a few things you should know before you buy and implement an upside down toamto pot to ensure a ripe harvest. This post will tell you what you need to know to make sure you yeild some great tasting tomatoes that you will be eating sooner than if you were to plant tomotoes traditionally.

If you're looking for the upside down pot, you can buy it from an infomercial on tv, online, or most big box stores with a garden center. 

Planting is simple:

make sure you have lots of potting soil and water. If don't, you'll have trouble getting the roots to taketake the round piece of foam outinsert your tomatoe sapling into the container - roots first into the openingstick the foam back in from the top and slide the tomatoe stem into …

Home Made Muffin vs Fast Food Muffin

Real vs Fast Food Muffin - so the results are in.   I watched for weeks as a fast food muffin didn't break down over the course of 5 weeks.  I even cut it in half to see i if anything was happening inside - not much.

Baked some home made muffins and just after about 5 days it started to decay and break down.

Yes i know this isn't even close to being scientific. But seeing is believing for me that there isn't something quite right about fast food.  Enough so for me to ponder -what's this actually doing for me or to me?

Well it looks like some patio style planning is going to happen on St. Paul St.  This is great news.  We need more of these little improvement projects in the down town core.

The plan is to eat up to parking spaces and build out a bit of patio for the local restaurants.

There is also plans to have electrical and water hookup ups in order to be able to close the street off completely and have farmer's markets and festivals.

“We’re going to have a water station as well as hopefully an electrical station so we can close down the street and have fairs or farmers markets,” he said.

“They are telling us that having patios on sidewalks is allowed and we will be allowed to serve onto the street alcohol if we wish to. However, no one has given us a license to do that. We’re trying to work with the city to come up with a plan that will be beneficial for property owners.”

The entire press release is

Fast Food Doesn't Break Down Fast at All

Okay its been a month since purchasing a 'muffin' from a certain fast food chain.

This morning it was time to cut this thing in half and see what's inside.

It was hard as a rock.  I resorted to a hand saw to get through it.There was literally 'muffin' dust as a by product of my sawing.


the muffin/cake part was hard - i could probably chisel something out of itthe 'cranberries' were flaky on the outside, but still a bit spongy on the insideno visible signs of decomposition, no discolouration Will it breakdown or start decomposing now that its been split in half?  Will find out next week.


Ever since the art boxes at Marina Park went up last year - there's been one in particular that's been nagging my memory.  The one with the two silvery humanoid persons surfacing out of the water.

Looking for something else today i stumbled across this album cover from Primus and bam!  That's where i thought i knew that art work similarity!

I'm all for public art.  I just don't like the digital art scenes on these 'boxes' as they aren't old enough looking to be timeless.  The same feeling when you watch a movie from the early 90s when CG was in its infancy and the believability just isn't there.