Ever since the art boxes at Marina Park went up last year - there's been one in particular that's been nagging my memory.  The one with the two silvery humanoid persons surfacing out of the water.

Looking for something else today i stumbled across this album cover from Primus and bam!  That's where i thought i knew that art work similarity!

Tales from the Punchbowl is the fourth studio album by Primus, released on May 23, 1995.
Tales from the Punchbowl is the fourth studio album by Primus, released on May 23, 1995.
I'm all for public art.  I just don't like the digital art scenes on these 'boxes' as they aren't old enough looking to be timeless.  The same feeling when you watch a movie from the early 90s when CG was in its infancy and the believability just isn't there.


  1. I totally agree! Those may look cool a few years from now, but all I see is taxs dollars spent on cheap art. Hilarious primus comparison!

  2. I was looking for lyrics to Sgt. Baker (off the Seas of Cheese album) and in my search saw the punchbowl cover.


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