Home Made Muffin vs Fast Food Muffin

Real vs Fast Food Muffin - so the results are in.   I watched for weeks as a fast food muffin didn't break down over the course of 5 weeks.  I even cut it in half to see i if anything was happening inside - not much.

Baked some home made muffins and just after about 5 days it started to decay and break down.

Fast Food Muffin - no apparent signs of mold after 4 weeks.

Home Made Muffin - noticeable signs of mold after only 5 days

Yes i know this isn't even close to being scientific. But seeing is believing for me that there isn't something quite right about fast food.  Enough so for me to ponder -what's this actually doing for me or to me?


  1. I remember seeing something similar on documentary. the food what filled with preservatives and even after four years, the food looked the same, unscathed, no mould...nasty.

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