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What about the little guy?

I'm torn.

Do I really care if the NHLis locked out?


It's like the devil and the angel on my shoulders, whispering into my ears with suggestive thoughts.

The Angel says:  yes despite the fact that this round of labour agreement talks is purely about money and nothing elseSure - Gary Bettman won't admit that Phoenix isn't working and wants the players to pay for his mistakeThe league is using 'lockout' as its first move instead of lastThe league will make more money in its return from lockout than it lost in the abssense of a stoppage - as proved last time this happened An easy desicion to say sure - who cares if there's no hockey. This is just greed at work. But the Angel on my shoulder says - what about all the minimum paying jobs of employees that won't be working in the arenas, that won't be feeding their families?  They'll be out of work.

The Angel says - swallow your pride and your angst and think about the little guy - no one els…