What about the little guy?


I'm torn.

Do I really care if the NHLis locked out?


It's like the devil and the angel on my shoulders, whispering into my ears with suggestive thoughts.

The Angel says: 
  • yes despite the fact that this round of labour agreement talks is purely about money and nothing else
  • Sure - Gary Bettman won't admit that Phoenix isn't working and wants the players to pay for his mistake
  • The league is using 'lockout' as its first move instead of last
  • The league will make more money in its return from lockout than it lost in the abssense of a stoppage - as proved last time this happened
An easy desicion to say sure - who cares if there's no hockey. This is just greed at work. But the Angel on my shoulder says - what about all the minimum paying jobs of employees that won't be working in the arenas, that won't be feeding their families?  They'll be out of work.

The Angel says - swallow your pride and your angst and think about the little guy - no one else is right now.  Hope for no lockout.

The Devil on the other shoulder has these points:
  • Your a Leafs supporter.  That's too bad - but its a fact - you bleed Blue and White.  But lest be clear here, your team has made one change and will be basically fielding the same team as last season. 
  • Last season's Leafs cut out your heart and stomped on it in February.  Do you really want to go through that again? 
  • Maybe the lockout isn't such a bad idea.  Your Leafs will have more time to make changes
  • MLSE will be officially owned by Rogers and who knows?  Maybe they'll fire Burke and clean house and rebuild - again.  
  • A rebuild will be far more exciting than a reboot of last season's Leafs installment
 The Devil says - screw em!


  1. Its like an abusive relationship this hockey!

    1. That comparison has been made many a time. They ALWAYS promiss they'll be better!


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