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Poor Young Things Return

LU Outpost saw the return of Thunder Bay’s prodigal sons – The Poor Young Things.  Perhaps a rougher and  grittier Poor Young Things.  PYT you see moved to Toronto a while back. They immersed themselves in the Toronto music scene and their latest collection of songs due out in the very near future capture the essence of their surroundings.
Take your pick - the lyrical commentary of big city life, the comforting guitar melodies a mongst a soundscape of raw distorted chordings, or the harmony laden anthem like choruses – PYT showed they've evolved and matured in their musicianship and song writing. Their songs have a bit more drive, edge and power to them - no doubt attributed to their big city influences.

Poor Young Things dedication to their music showed as they put in an inspired performance to the allegiance of fans that filed into the Outpost.  Their new found energy was quite evident in their enthusiasm as the guys left no part of the stage untouched.  Putting it all o…

Avocado by the Spoonful

I like to eat avocado.  The taste on its own is only mildly aquired. But the health benefits are excellent!

helps with the eyeslots of fibrehelps lower cholesterallots of potassium (more than banana)Rich in Vitamin B, E and Klowers LDL A quick search online will yield lots of great information about this great lunch dessert replacement.

Purchase from grocery store/fruits standplace in bowl and allow to ripen to the point where fruit is soft to the touchpit the fruit by cutting one continuous line without trying to cut through the pitpull the to halves apart and the pit should easily come outuse spoon to scoop out and eat! Enjoy!