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Have you ever put the Cart before the Horse when it comes to music?

When was the last time you've seen a musical act without knowing the material they were to preform?  Rarely do I have this experience, but when I do there's something magical about it.

Let me explain.

I'm a big fan of Diana Krall. - have been since her 1999 album "When I look Into Your Eyes".  A concert of hers has always been at the top of my 'bucket list' .  By the time her "Look of Love" album came out she became world renown.

I always thought it near impossible to see her perform. 

But then one night - really late one night, I was scrolling through my Twitter timeline and was gobsmacked to see a concert announcement for Krall at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium.  I'm rarely an impulse buyer, but there I was at almost 4am throwing my credit card info at the computer as quickly as possible to get two seats.

Months later, there I was - in the thick of it.  The TBCA was jam packed.  The vibe of the house was buzzing in anticipation to …

Something Ends, Something Begins

The end of winter is finally upon us.  This week was my last game of indoor co-ed soccer with my team Pixie Caribou.  Weather is finally getting sunny and i hope the snow is finally finished..

It was a hard fought campaign, i don't think we won a single game and i think we may have had one draw.  But that's not why we play. Exercise and camaraderie is what indoor co-ed footy is all about.

As always, the end of the season is sad. But it always ushers in the spring.  As something Ends, Something Begins.

Sports will do wonders for burning off pent up frustrations, the endorphin release of intense exercise and the 'team' element always helps social side of things. There's a great sense of belonging. It's finished for this season - i need something to fill the void.

With two close friends, a 9 song writing expedition has commenced.  Four songs from a demo recorded over the last 2 years has now grown into a full album.

There's a different type of synergy.  Its…

Sound City

Just watched the riveting documentary "Sound City" by David Grohl.  It was the story of the Neve console - one of four built by Rupert Neve  - an engineering genius. He took extreme lengths to get things like the DC current flowing through gates to precise levels.   The outcome - a truly unique recorded sound.
Sound City bought one of only a few Neve consoles back in the late 70's in a effort to attract recording artists.  They bet the farm on this venture and came out on top.
The first track ever laid down was an unknown duo by the names of Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckhingham.  The story from there just takes off when Mic Fleetwood has a chance encounter with the owner of Sound City at a local shop.  He goes in to check out the studio and asks to hear a sample.  The only thing they have on tape is Nicks and Buckingham.  That chance recording is what leads to Nicks and Buckhingham to become part of FleetWood Mac.
After that the rest is history - as smash hit albums afte…
Here's my theory.  Ownership may have changed - but the greed to make money will always exist.  I wouldn't be surprised that MLSE thinks that if they go all in - they may get 2 or more playoff rounds.  

This would equate to millions in revenue with 4+ home games not to mention the fevered pitch of bandwagon jumpers buying up Kadri and Luopol jerseys.

Adding a veteran goal tender would surely help this cause.  

I think we may be replaying shades of 93 when the Leafs were technically in a rebuild state but surprised everyone by running the gauntlet only to loose out against the infamous Gretzky high stick on Gilmour (. Leafs 93 Playoff Summary )

Yes the Leafs have gotten better and our chances greatly improved - but we are still a few key pieces away from CUP contender status. But this seems eerily similar to 93.

If ownership knows its history - than one could surmise that its a fairly safe bet to try and load up for a playoff run with this team finally starting to gel.  The core of …
I think this will be the year for Google Plus (+).  At least for me. I haven't 'tried' to make it work like have in the past. By that I mean i've taken the approach of not trying to make it Facebook or Twitter.  I just started to use it as it is and I have to say I really enjoy the user experience.

Facebook i've resigned is primarily for family and close friends.  I'll never convince them to change over so I've stop trying.  It is what it is.  I did however purge a ton of contacts and widdled it down to just my close friends and family. Primarily a place to share pics of the kids for relatives that want to keep tabs.  Also - my friends that won't jump ship - its my only form of communication via the internet - who uses email anymore?

Twitter i still use - but i've noticed now - i'm not addicted to it as i was last year.  As Twitter has gotten more acceptable in my neck of the woods - i've found its become more spammy.  Again - I've wipe…