Here's my theory.  Ownership may have changed - but the greed to make money will always exist.  I wouldn't be surprised that MLSE thinks that if they go all in - they may get 2 or more playoff rounds.  

This would equate to millions in revenue with 4+ home games not to mention the fevered pitch of bandwagon jumpers buying up Kadri and Luopol jerseys.

Adding a veteran goal tender would surely help this cause.  

I think we may be replaying shades of 93 when the Leafs were technically in a rebuild state but surprised everyone by running the gauntlet only to loose out against the infamous Gretzky high stick on Gilmour (. Leafs 93 Playoff Summary )

Yes the Leafs have gotten better and our chances greatly improved - but we are still a few key pieces away from CUP contender status. But this seems eerily similar to 93.

If ownership knows its history - than one could surmise that its a fairly safe bet to try and load up for a playoff run with this team finally starting to gel.  The core of this group is relatively in tact next year so the gambling risk isn't high to add a piece or two for this playoff push.

With the mentality of "LA did it - all we need is to make 8th and we have a chance... but we're actually in 6th with possible home ice...."  I could believe ownership is pushing to recoup half a season of losses due to the strike by trying to not win the cup - but go a round or two or three and CASH IN BABY.  Its a win win for them.  


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