I think this will be the year for Google Plus (+).  At least for me. I haven't 'tried' to make it work like have in the past. By that I mean i've taken the approach of not trying to make it Facebook or Twitter.  I just started to use it as it is and I have to say I really enjoy the user experience.

Facebook i've resigned is primarily for family and close friends.  I'll never convince them to change over so I've stop trying.  It is what it is.  I did however purge a ton of contacts and widdled it down to just my close friends and family. Primarily a place to share pics of the kids for relatives that want to keep tabs.  Also - my friends that won't jump ship - its my only form of communication via the internet - who uses email anymore?

Twitter i still use - but i've noticed now - i'm not addicted to it as i was last year.  As Twitter has gotten more acceptable in my neck of the woods - i've found its become more spammy.  Again - I've wiped out a lot of people i followed as most of them have learned how to use hashtags.  So for the 'subjects' i'm interested i search via hashtag.  Only the musing's of people i enjoy are now only on my follow.  Keeps the timeline nice and tidy.

So Google Plus - is now my go to social app. Here's why - Google Plus does communities really really well.  There seems to be a very positive vibe and a lot of cautious and carefully thought out posts. I think people are this way because they don't want this platform to be bogged down with mental diarrhea spilled out into their timelines.

The communities are also a great way to mine information. I view them as BBS Lite.  Forums that allow you to post links and videos and engage in conversation like formats without trying.

Google Plus - the 'feel good' social media platform.  Try it. Once you figure out what it does for 'you', you'll see where i'm coming from.


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