Sound City

Just watched the riveting documentary "Sound City" by David Grohl.  It was the story of the Neve console - one of four built by Rupert Neve  - an engineering genius. He took extreme lengths to get things like the DC current flowing through gates to precise levels.   The outcome - a truly unique recorded sound.

Sound City bought one of only a few Neve consoles back in the late 70's in a effort to attract recording artists.  They bet the farm on this venture and came out on top.

The first track ever laid down was an unknown duo by the names of Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckhingham.  The story from there just takes off when Mic Fleetwood has a chance encounter with the owner of Sound City at a local shop.  He goes in to check out the studio and asks to hear a sample.  The only thing they have on tape is Nicks and Buckingham.  That chance recording is what leads to Nicks and Buckhingham to become part of FleetWood Mac.

After that the rest is history - as smash hit albums after smash hit albums over 4 decades were recorded there.  Sadly the Digital Age of the 80s would eventually be the demise of Sound City in 2011.

David Grohl - who recorded all his drums in Sound City for the historychanging album Nevermind with Nirvana had such an affinity for the Neve console - he was able to buy the the famed piece of machinery and build his own studio around it.   

This story of Sound City Studio and its Neve console is Dave's story.  Written and directed by Dave himself.   It is a passionate and very personal tale.


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