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More Studios

A week later after thinking we had everything charted out properly, Mike had done some drum takes over the weekend only to discover that the charts were incorrect.  Sometimes things like this are good.  It gave us the opportunity to re-jig the song.

Drawing on all our influences and experience - we were able to look at the chart and figure out what was wrong and what was missing.  This was indeed a 'happy accident' as we allowed for some real pockets of creativity to be planted into the song, as well as a pretty catch riff to marry to the vocals during the parts of the song that repeat itself.

Of course a little Lighthouse Merlot does help with the creative process - and gouda of course.  We like to keep it classy in the studio - all credit to Michael.

This weekend, Ken and I hope Michael will get the new drum takes done and we hope to start building on top of what should be a very strong foundation of a song.

If we could only just put  our day jobs on hold for 2 weeks to final…

Leafs Epic Collapse

Had the Bruins brought their 'A' game from the start - Leafs would've been lucky to win a single game in this series.  And that still would've been a success for this season.

We got our hopes up because Boston was Jekyll and hide. When the Bruins decided to play, they steam rolled us. Plain and simple - the Leafs weren't good enough. And that's al-right.  We knew that going in.

Had we won last nite - I'm afraid we'd be setting ourselves up for another repeat of 1993.  The Leafs played better than expected and got on a roll.  We suffered for over a decade with mediocrity and the insanity of believing that team was that good.  They weren't. They still need a few key pieces to make them great. But that '93 run made people think otherwise.

I'm glad the Bruins put us in our place. You can't teach what they learned last night.

Now we know officially where we stand and what needs to be changed in the off season.

Mark my words - when the Leafs …

Another Productive Session

After some hilarious chit chat and banter, we got down to work and worked on a song that was close to be finalized in the last session.

We were stuck - the chord progression was catchy as hell, but was missing something.

We decided to change up the drum pattern and make it a bit more loose and not so rigid.  Success.  Altering the drums changed the entire feel of the song and put a real nice groove to it.

We jammed it out quite a bit and decided on the form of the song.  It was simple.  Once the groove of the song was established - it literally wrote itself.  Even the voice melody was pretty much there.

This may be the first song we track.
Tracking I think will be up just around the corner.  Mike's got some tech stuff to finalize with Mics and pre-amps for the drums.  So close to getting all these idea's out of the ether and onto some tangible listening.