Bavarian Studio Session

Let's see.  How do I go about describing what was 'Schnauzer Studios'?  A lot of laughs - but also a lot of productivity.  And food,  including home made salsa and 'old fashioned' potato chips.  

If you're familiar with South Park, you will understand why there's a random picture of the chip bag.  Ahem.... Moving forward.

So Mike was able to record drums days before this session so that Ken and I could lay down some tracks last night.  Our first foray into tracking for this project.  Exciting stuff!   

Ken only needed a few takes to get the acoustic guitar parts down.  I needed a few extra to get the electric guitar bits laid down.  

Due to some technical difficulties with an auto-envelope DOD pedal, I resorted to having to manually 'wha' the parts with a very stellar VOX wha.   Up strum string attack instead of the traditional down strum really helped bring out the brightness I was seeking.

Bass was recorded last.  Bizarre as per usual - its normally recorded after the drums.  I was hesitant as I really didn't know what this song called for with respects to the bottom end.   The vibe of the room was good and I accidentally on purpose started messing with notes within scale this song was written and came up with something I was pretty happy with.  Was able to pull this off for all 3 sections of the song.

We'll shall see what magic Mike can we've with his mad pro tools skillz.


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