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Seasonal Patios

There's been some discussion about possibly making Red River Road one way in the Entertainment District to facilitate patio space in front of some of the restaurants.

Thunder Bay is very  seasonal with a bulk of its year being not so patio friendly.  But in the few months of summer we do get  - patios would be awesome.

But does it warrant some significant permanent construction?  Will it work?  And if it doesn't?  Do we undo it at great expense?
My suggestion- go Seasonal.  Cities with similar populations that are in relatively the same climate zone as Thunder Bay have a hybrid temporary or seasonal approach.  
Barrie a Ontario for example have their main strip on Dunlop setup with temporary boardwalks that allow all the restaurants and bars on the street to have seasonal patios.  When the summer is over, the patios fencing, furniture and city's boardwalks are put away and the street returns to normal in time for when the snow flies.

Kenora has also experimented with sea…

Quick Tilapia Taco

I was in a rush for something quick and somewhat healthy to make and eat for supper.
Frozen Tilapia cooked in the microwave.
Chopped celery.
Chopped tomato.
Store bought salsa.
Store bought cucumber dressing. Done and yum.
Not the best thing to eat - but certainly better than fast food!