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Cosmic Seam may make mixdown by Christmas after all!

Last night's session was short but uber productive.  We had a plan going in and stuck to it and even got a little extra for our efforts.

Ken got his 2 acoustic tracks down in short order once we determined that just the drum track was all he needed to play against.
I was next to track.  Mike and I a while back stumbled upon a pretty cool mix of choruses and delay last month when we were doing scratch tracks.

We tuned up the Strat, figured on the right pickup selection and started laying tracks.
We hit a snag when I couldn't keep time as the effects chain had a delay in the playback. So we just muted my playback and I relied solely on the sound of the strings.  Me thinks that worked well enough that if it is a smidgen behind that it can be nudged later in post production
Between takes I was noodling and discovered a nice picking pattern that the guys insisted I lay down. I was reluctant as my chops aren't 100% yet but …

Full Steam Ahead

Nailed down first and second songs' form and lyric melodies.  Possibly our most productive session to date. 
We are officially past the demo phase and have 2 sets of drum tracks locked in for full blown recording. We're hoping to have the first song completed by Christmas.  Ambitious since we can only manage one session a week.
This week we plan to have all the guitars tracked. There's 3 in total - 2 acoustics and 1 electric.  Time permitting we may do supplemental percussion tracks. However it will most likely be all Mike as apparently  Ken and I were all kinds of wrong with our chimes and tambourine techniques. Comment below if you can spot the infractions.