Pressed for time this week we got right down to business.

First up we reviewed my guitar tracking done in the previous session. Would they have to be retracked due to the buffer latency issue or did I do well enough to keep time and keep them? They were satisfactory and with a little post production will be just fine as they aren't primary to the song.

So onto vocals. Ken had gotten comfortable with the environment last session and confident to try some scratch takes.  This week he went for it and with some coaching from Mike and myself nailed almost all the sections.

Playing an instrument is one thing. Singing takes a even bigger leap in confidence as its very personal. Not everyone can sing.  Not everyone can sing well.

I've always known Ken could sing. I for one have been really happy with kens' vocal progression.  Even during the demos I knew something really good was there.

The last 2 weeks with some guidance he has really dialed in his vocal style. What once was a bit raw and untamed is now soothing and controlled. Its also unique in the sense that its familiar enough to be memorable but not familiar enough to be pigeon holed.

I'm really excited to hear how the rest of the songs will be elevated by Ken' s newly minted vocals.  Songs on their own are great but It's not until you hear the first word that it imprints on your brain. 

I truly believe in these songs and this team of close friends that's putting it all together. 


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