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Dubai vs The Orb

There's an aerial photo of Dubai making its rounds on the Internet today.  The man made palm tree developments in the sea reminded me a lot of The Orb's remix album Auntie Aubrey's Excursions Beyond the Call of Duty.

Could the Engineers been late 90's electronic aficionados?

Today I Learned Jack Adams was from Thunder Bay

I was watching the Winter Classic over the Holiday.  During the pre-amble Don Maclean mentioned Jack Adams, Toronto Maple Leafs and Thunder Bay in the same sentence.

I was born and raised in Thunder Bay. Played minor hockey in Thunder Bay. Seen the Stanley Cup visit here numerous times thanks to the Staals, and Patrick Sharp.

Thunder Bay has a pretty good hockey factory. 
But not until the other day did I learn of Jack Adams and his roots.   It was one line - but enough for me to be dumbfounded?  How did I not know of this?   "...when Jack Adams from Thunder Bay went to the Toronto Maple Leafs..."

He played for Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and won 2 Stanley Cups. 
He coached the Red Wings to 3 Stanley Cups and still holds the most wins as coach to this date.
The Jack Adams award in his honor is awarded to the most valuable coach in the NHL.
A mistake I made was thinking the "Adams" division was in his honor as well.  It is not.  Charles Adams is who the division was…

Percussion Rogue

We took a brief break over the holiday to spend time with family and loved ones.  But that didn't stop Mike from jumping in the studio to track additional percussion tracks.  Sneaky sneaky!

I haven't heard it.  I've only seen these photos.  Looks like Mike had as much fun as one can when left to his own devices (egg shakers, chimes...)

I will try and convince him to bounce the percussion tracks for a sneak peak :)