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Quick and Dirty London Fog

A friend of mine got me hooked on London Fog tea.  It's professionally made from a local sandwich place - Bean Fiend.  I"m not sure where he sources his ingredients, but its fantastic.  A problem I run into is the craving for this London Fog and the inability to simply go to Bean Fiend and get a cup.

So what's a  guy to do when he wants his fix and Bean Fiend isn't possible?

Try and make it myself.

So here's what I use when i'm in the office/home for my London Fog fix:

Tetley Earl Grey "specialty tea'Nestle Coffee Mate ' French Vanila' That's it - well hot water if you want to get picky.   I was using milk originally, but it was missing that sort of sweet and vanilla taste.
I happened upon the office coffee maker and there just happened to be the coffee mate.  It's no Bean Fiend London Fog - but it'll have to do.