If you're into podcasts and are looking for some recommendations here's what I've been tuned into for a long while (in no particular order)

Specifically Andy Greenwald,
Do You Like Prince Movies,
Girls with Hoodies,
Hollywood Prospectus

There's a really great one about the career arc of film director Steven Soderbergh
If you're into Football - they have plenty to offer on that subject matter as well). Great website overall.

Tim and Sid
(From Sportsnet- their entire show is carved into 1 hour episodes each day)

CBC's Tech podcast with Nora Young

Eli Glasner
CBC Movie Reviewer

Get-It-Done Guys' Quick and Dirty Tips to Work Less and Do More
(Stever Robbins)

Hockey Central

Pensions Plan Puppets

assorted collection of Ted Talks

Stuff You Should Know
How stuff works website

Documentary of the Week
BBC Radio

Day 6 
(CBC Radio)


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