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Fishing for a Chorus Worth Keeping

"Nemo" is the name of the song that was conceived about 5 years ago now. As with all of Kj's songs - it started out in the 'folk' arena with the intention that when played back all on its own with just vocals and acoustic - it would hold up on its own.  This is the approach we've taken with every song so far.

The lyrical content was inspired by Kj's reading of 20 000 Leagues Under The Sea.  He really embraced the view of the captain and his goal of living beneath the sea as far away from the corrupt ambition of humanity.  So there's some weight in this tune.  The chorus needed(s) to really stand out on this song.

The elements of the chorus have been scribed for some time now.  However the time signature of 4/4 just didn't have any impact.  As the nautical literature for Kj's inspiration on this song, i too have drifted to a nautical literary works - Moby Dick.  And let me tell you - this chorus is my 'White Whale'.

When Kj and I recor…