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High Fidelity

FINALLY! Got around to watching this flick.  It's been in my 'to see' list for quite some time.  I could definitely relate to the characters.  Music lovers are a mopey condescending bunch aren't we.

What I found really strange was I couldn't pin point the time period in which this took place.  Sure there were some late 90's give-a-ways like baggy jackets and cordless phones, but this could have been released this year and not missed a beat.

There were so many things that 15 years later are either still in vogue or have come back in vogue.  If there was a re-edit of this film all they'd have to do is CGI in a couple of IPhones.

I look forward to watching this in say another 10 or 15 years and see if it still holds up.  I'm pretty sure it will.

Sailing The Seas of Superior on Wednesday Race Night

#tbay #tbyc A video posted by @at0mpub on Jun 17, 2015 at 5:49pm PDT

#tbay #sailing A video posted by @at0mpub on Jun 17, 2015 at 3:13pm PDT

Is Bulletproof Coffee For You?

What is it?
I started drinking Bullet Proof Coffee over a week ago and I've lost almost 5 pounds.  I have not changed anything else in my diet or exercise regiment.

How does it work?
I believe what's happening is that the butter and coconut butter in the coffee is satiating my appetite first think in the morning.  After drinking it i feel 'full'.  This 'full' feeling lasts almost 4  hours.  I get to work and have another cup of just regular coffee or cappuccino.  I'm not hungry until noon when it's time to east lunch.  Lunches are the same - I haven't changed what i eat.  I start feeling peckish around 4:30 but i can usually hold out until supper.

How has it affected my eating habits?
I believe what's happening is that I've lowered the amount of sugar and empty carbs by not snacking on things like granola or bran bars.  I also believe that because of the lower sugar intake - my energy highs and lows aren't so high and so low.  I've st…