High Fidelity

FINALLY! Got around to watching this flick.  It's been in my 'to see' list for quite some time.  I could definitely relate to the characters.  Music lovers are a mopey condescending bunch aren't we.

What I found really strange was I couldn't pin point the time period in which this took place.  Sure there were some late 90's give-a-ways like baggy jackets and cordless phones, but this could have been released this year and not missed a beat.

There were so many things that 15 years later are either still in vogue or have come back in vogue.  If there was a re-edit of this film all they'd have to do is CGI in a couple of IPhones.

I look forward to watching this in say another 10 or 15 years and see if it still holds up.  I'm pretty sure it will.


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