Kenora is Trying Temporary Outdoor Patios

From CBC Megan Thomas
Guess I'm not the only one who thinks this a good way to test pilot seasonal patios.  Kenora is giving it a go by the looks of it.  As you may recall i did a rant about this a few years ago for Thunder Bay when it was proposed to permanently expand the sidewalk area on Red River Road.

CBC's article mentions the patio's importance to tourism industry.

Of interest also is the fees the city would charge the restaurants based on the size and seating capacity.

The article from cbc is here: Kenora-looks-to-expand-outdoor-patio-spaces-for-restaurants-1.3137693

My original rant for Thunder Bay to do this is here:  seasonal-patios

 Comment below if you have any thoughts on this - good or bad.   Summer here is half spent but this is still something to consider next year.


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