My Favorite Podcasts

Had an interesting discussion about podcasts today.  Here's my favorites at the moment.

First i'm so glad that Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan re-surfaced after being laid off.  They're now part of the Bill Simmons Podcast Network and that's just awesome.  Channel 33 is what it's filed under.

Steve Dangle Podcast (you might know him from the Leafs youtube videos that show up on Sportsnet from time to time).  His Leafs centric podcast with Adam Wylde is great. Hockey player impressions.

Marek vs Wyshnyski  - more hockey.  Also hilarious, but with a bit more depth to it.  Jeff Marek of Hockey Night In Canada and Greg Wyshnyski of Yahoo sports really get into some meat and potato stuff.  More hockey player impressions.  Oh and it's extra special when Greg Lozzo is on.

Eli Glasner on film (CBC) quick in depth movie reviews.

The Filip and Fredrik podcast - to Sweedes talking pop culture with a very abrasive comedic flair.  They are celebrities in their home country.  North America - not so much - which is what makes this such a great listen.

The Nerdist.  I'm a huge fan of @midnight so when i found Chris Hardwick's podcast it was love at first listen.  Primarily a long form interview style pod - he get's some pretty big hitting guests from the entertainment world - music/film/tv.   It's in depth but also very humorous.  He's not just a funny guy - he's pretty smart too.  My favorite so far was with Garbage's Shirley Manson.

Get it Done Guy - with Stever Robins.  Quick and dirty tips to work less and do more.  Everything from consulting tips, negotiating, organizing - all with an undertone of world domination.


  1. My good man, this flattered me no end. Many thanks for listening. Who told you about us?
    The Fredrik from the Filip & Fredrik podcast

    1. Fredrik! I'm honored to have you post on my insignificant piece of the internet! I discovered you guys in PodKicker app for Android. Your promo pic reminded me a lot of Tears For Fears - Songs from the Big Chair album cover.

      Been a loyal listener for over a year now! Thursdays are the light at the end of the tunnel!


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