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Got out to see Deadpool.

I'm not a 'comic book' guy. I did enjoy it. I think i would have enjoyed it even more if i had never seen the Jim Carey in the Mask.

All in all a great entertaining flick. Because it was 'R' i was excited by the unpredictable path this story took. It wasn't glued down in the last 10 years of traditional comic book movies.

I always like stories/films that don't involve 'the fate of the world' plot lines. Individual people stories are far more fascinating.

I won't give away any details.  It's worth seeing if you don't have any idea what it's about.

Roll Up The RIM - Quick Facts

Roll Up the Rim is back!

Based on Tim's Website (TIMHORTONS.COM)  here is what's of interest:

1. 38 Cars (2016 Hona Civics) in total
2. 113 LG TVs
3. 23, 578  $100 GCs
4. Ontario has 131,264,160 contest cups floating around

And what ever you do - DO NOT TOSS THE BAR CODE if you win.  The bar code is necessary to claim your prize.   The donughts and coffee - i don't think they worry - but the big ticket items - you're best keeping the whole cup. :)