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Based on the most recent discussion on the SteveDanglePodcast and the debate over off side calls and robots….

I think you have to first decide FIRST which interest is more important:
1.      Fans / Entertainment
         -or- 2.      Teams/Coaches/Players
-Fans WANT to be entertained.  Teams NEED to win.-
When you state that Sports is ENTERTAINMENT that may be true – but it’s jobs and money for Teams/Coaches/Players.
So the way I see it – Video Replay is solely for Teams. They will exploit anything and everything if it means winning at the end of the day.  Teams are eliminated from playoffs based on one game.   That will cost a team Millions of extra dollars if they miss out. If TEAMS is the primary interest – then I agree with Jesse – ROBOTS. 
However the opposite is true if the FANS are the primary interest.
Eliminate Video Replay.  Even goal line reviews.  All of it.  How many times has a missed call been complained about by the coach to a ref and the ref than makes up with it by c…

First Hike

I had every intention of going to Kakabeka Falls to hike the "Little Falls" trail.  But the weather wasn't co-operating and I was running out of time.

I opted to Urban Hike.  There's a bike path near my home that borders the river.  I took every opportunity to walk off the path and in the brush to make make it more hike like.

It was chilly but spring was definitely in the air.  The sounds of Robins - almost of dozen of them off to the side of the path were trying to stay warm.  In the same wooded area I spied some sparrows and a single Wood Pecker.

Later on two I spotted 2 Loons making their way up river.  I imagined the fowls second guessing their arrivals back to this area.  There was still some snow and some ice along the water way.

I spent roughly 2 hours plodding up the river than back down taking in the sights and sounds.  Traffic was minimal and didn't influence my state of mind terribly.  I took as many moments as I could to stop and really take in the n…

All the Presidents Men

I've had this on my must see list for years.  My anticipation and perceived weight of the film could be why I didn't care for it.

Nixon, Impeachment, Watergate etc - all big words and concepts I've grown up with since I was a kid but never quite understood.  I always envisioned this movie to be my 'aha!' clarity movie for this event in history.

Sadly it was not.
Redford's character was pretty good.  Hoffman annoyed me.  The audio wasn't clear and add to that Hoffman's mumbling made this very hard to understand - especially specific details that would make understanding this conspiracy so much more comprehensible.

I really wanted to love this movie but since I had to Wikipedia Watergate to get a better understanding of the event I have to flat out throw this movie to the curb.

That being said - if I were to watch this again having a better understanding of Watergate - it may make more sense.

When this came out in '76 - the details fresh in everyone&…

Sugar - BAD

Harmful Foods

yogurt - 2x sugar  than lucky charms    13g sugar only (20 to high) prio biotics claim false

WHeat bread - BAD.  WonderBread Pepperidge  contain HighFRUCTOSE Syrup - (FAT STORING)
- 20x sweeter than sugar.  Not recognized by brain.  Disrupts "i'm full"

CEREAL BARS - BAD.  Sugar + Con Syrup, sugar sugar sugar


4 Natural Weigh Loss Helpers:
Makes energy or Fat.  Not both

1.  Packed Preservatives - avoid Long Expirey Dates.  Causes stomach problems.  Preservatives take longer to digest causing storing fat.    AMAYLAE LIAPSE BROMELAIN - cuts preservatives and aids digestion.

2. candida - bad bacteria. feeds on sugar and overgrow and demand more sugar. digestion is disrupted by the candida overgrowth.  Probiotics - good bacteria.  10 Unique

3. No Diet Beverages. Caralluma Fimbriata - reduces appetite.

4.  EGCG -  Green Tea Extract.  Metabolism Booster.  Drink before workout…